Whats App For Business ,How To Use Business Whats App In Android Or I-Phone For My Business ?

I am here again to help you know about What is BusinessWhatsApp and how can you use this app for your business.

WhatsApp for business is now officially available in India , User can download this from Google Play store by following these 2 steps only :

Note : Business Whats App only supports Android 4.0 Or Newer versions only.

Step- 1:Go to Google Play Store .

Step-2: Type Business Whats App , See the new logo ‘B’ of business Whats App

Business Whats App Download
Business Whats App Download

Step -3: Click Install.

Thats it.

Can We Use Business Whats App In My Apple Mobile Device (I-Phone) In India ?

Sorry ,my answer is NO, you will have to wait for some days or for few months to use Business Whats App in your Apple (I-Phone) Mobile phone.

Is Business whats App Have Same Features Like Whats App ?

Ya almost ,but some features are different in business whats app , which will help you to manage your clients and business like:

Sign Up/ Activate Your Account:

In normal whats app , you can make account with your mobile no and can change your profile name any time but in Business Whats App, you can't change your business profile name after creating your account , like I have created my account in Business Whats App for my company 'Get InfoSystems'.
this name will be verify after few days. but you can't change this profile name.

Business Profile:

In Business Whats App ,you can create your business profile ,like in normal whats app user can view your name and contact details but in Business Whats App you can create your business profile like : 

Your Company Name, Address With Location Map,Business Hours, Websites (Multiple Website you can add),Email ID.

Business Profile

so its like a complete business profile, these details will work you like your business Card.
These things are very help full for those who didn't know about your company and receiving your companies promotional or waving messages in there Whats App.

User can view these details in there normal whats app account, So I think this is very help full for your business.

Features You Love In Business Whats App:

Like I said that you can create business profile in Business Whats App but there are more features are in business whats App you love to use .

Label :

I love this feature , because you have lots of contact numbers in your whats app list like your friends, marketing , HR, clients, Employees ,family or any other.
In label field you can create separate Label for different-Different field. 

These labels will help you to find your contacts by categories. Actually labels are the categories where you can divide your contact list by fields like if you wants to message to your client , just go to Label section ,click on client Label and you can easily find the name.

For making labels for your contact ,just tap and on the whats app contact and hold on for the moment and you will see the label Mark for creating label.
Just type your label name and that it and after creating the label you can use others.

Another good thing about label is ,you can create multiple label for same clients, like pending payments , appointment etc for same clients.

Greeting Message :

I love this feature,I have got an big deal of software with this Greeting message. So ,how this greeting message work and How it will help you.

Greeting Message
Just Go to Settings in Business Whats App , tap on business settings then tap on Greeting Message.

You can set any greeting or welcome message in this section.

How This Greeting Message Work ?

If you get new message from those who is not in your contact , I am not talking about your mobile contact list. If any one will send you any message like 'HI -Hello' ,he/she will get automatically a greeting message like "Welcome to Get Info Systems Or The Coffee Mezbaan ! We look forward to work with you........." and so on.   

As like you can set Away Message when you are away from office and you can also set a Quick reply message also in Business Whats App.

Quick Reply
Away Message


Can We Run Whats App and Business Whats App By Using Same Number ?

Sorry, but you can run Business Whats App and Whats App by using same number , if you will try to run both by same number then you will definitely lose your data because after signing up in Business Whats App by your mobile number which is you are using in Whats App then if you try to open your Whats App ,it will ask for verification and if you don't verify your number then you will automatically come out from Whats App and you will have to login again with mobile number but this time you will have to change your number.
Otherwise you will face problem again and again....

So Download Business Whats App And Grow Your Business...
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