2 Ways To Host Website In Live Web Server !

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Today I am going to tell you ,how to Deploy or Upload your website in live web server by using C-Panel,filezila with change DNS records.

Before starting upload your website to the server ,First thing you have to do is Buy a Domain name From BigRock in Just Rs.399/year  if you don’t have any and buy web hosting from IPage.com or From Hostgator.com if you don’t have.

Pointing Your BigRock Domain to IPage Hosting Account:

After buying a domain name and web hosting , 2nd step you will have to follow that is change or Point your domain name’s name server and IP address  from default name server to IPage’s server name by taking these steps :


Step 1- Login to your IPAGE’s web hosting  account.

Step2- Go to Domain section .

Step3- Click on Existing Domain button ,type your domain name in Input box.

Step4- Click Add and after clicking the Add button IPage will show you the name servers address which will look like ‘ns1.ipage.com’ and ‘ns2.ipage.com’ . copy both address and paste it to notpad text file.

Step5- logout from your Ipage.com  web hosting account .

Change  Your Bigrock domain’s name server in DNS settings :

Changing Name Server of Domain Name
Changing Name Server Of Domain Name (img src-google)

Step1- Login to your BigRock domain account.

Step2-Click on List of Order and Select Your Domain name and Click on it which is you want to Point to the IPAGE’s name server.

Step3- Click on ‘Name Server’ in Domain Registration section then popup window will be occur.

Step4- Copy IPAGE’s name server one by one from notepad and past them in name server input box.

Step5- Click on update name server button and thats it.

How much time name server  changing will take to update DNS records in domain names and web hosting ?

In general cases it will take 24 hours minimum and maximum 48 hours in name server updating process but now a days competition is so high in web hosting so companies trying to finish this process within 5-6 hours but in rare cases .

Should I will have to change name server of domain name if I buy domain name and web hosting from same web hosting companies like BIGROCK, IPAGE or Hostgator ?

Keep in mind when you buy any domain name and web hosting from two different companies then try to change your domain’s name server address in same time of purchasing but if you are buying domain name and web hosting from same company then you there is no need to change name server of your domain name.

 Host Your website to Live Web Server :

The process of hosting a website in server is very easy ,you can host your website in web server in two method ,1st by using FileZila and 2nd is by login to your C-Panel account.

Here I will show you both method to live your website in the internet, so here are the steps you will have to follow for upload your website in web server.

Upload Your Website By Using FileZila :

Hosting Website Using File Zila (img source-google)
Hosting Website Using File Zila (img source-google)
Step1- Open FileZile ,if you don’t have filezila in your computer then download it from https://filezilla-project.org/ .

Step2- Go To Site and Select Site Manager.

Step3- Click On New site and Create New Site Name.

Step4- Type Host name in Host Input Box which is your domain name with or without ‘www’ it is up to you how you have set your DNS records . In IPAGE hosting you will have to use ‘ftp.xyz.com’ (ftp with domain name).

Note: You don’t need to enter anything in port name ,you can keep it blank.

Step5- In user name and password section fill the C-Panel login details which is provided by your web hosting provider.

Step6- Click Connect.

Step7- Click on Remote site and Select Public-html folder.

Step8- Select Drive name where your website is safe in local computer.

Step9- Select files and folder in filename section and right click on it.

Step10- Click on Upload and your file will be upload in your web server within few minutes its depend on your computer’s internet speed and file size.

Note: upload your website folder in public-html folder by selecting it.

Step11- After uploading your website click disconnect and exit.

Step12- Go to your web browser and type your website name , that’s  it.

Upload Your Website By C-Panel in live Web Server :

For uploading your website to live web server by using C-Panel account then you will have to follow these steps:

Uploading Website To Live Server
Uploading Website To Live Server using c-panel (img src- google)

Step1- Type your website domain name in web browser’s address bar by following c-panel like ‘www.xyz.com/cpanel’ and press enter.

Step2- Type user name and password to login to your c-panel account which is sent by web hosting company to your Email account. Click enter.

Step3-Go To Files and Click on File Manager.

Step4- Select your domain name from list if you have one or more domain names and click on the Go button.

Step5-Select Public-html .

Step6- Go your computer’s drive where your files are saved and make zip file of your website folder .

Step7- Again Go to file Manager  Click on Upload Folder, click on Browse button and select your zip file and click ok.

Step8- select all the options checked user, group ,world to read ,write and execute.

Step9- After completing the uploading process ,go to file manager again and click on Reload button .

Step10-Select website’s ZIP folder and click on the extract button from the top menu bar.

Step11- After extracting the folder click on Zip folder again ,select it and click on Delete button on top menu bar .

Step12- click reload .

Step13- Go To web browser and type your website name,click enter . Hurrrreyyyy your website is live now.

Step14- Finish.

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