Should You Buy Old Hosting Or Website ,Advantages and Disadvantages of Old Web Hosting ,Website and Domain names ?

Planning to start new website with old website which is already online from months or year is a good idea. Old domain names and website can affect more than newly developed website in SEO rankings.

Old Domain/Hosting/Website 

If you are starting new business or buying old business, used website will definitely help you to grow your business quickly. So here are the quick tips which will defiantly help you to buy Old Web Hosting, Old Website ,Old Domain/Expired Domain name .


Old Domain/Expired Domain :

I will choose older one but if that domain is well reputed , you know just think if you are shopkeeper with good market value and want to sell your shop ,then how much day it will take to sell ….. I think Immediate or within a week because your shop’s value is high and actually people buying your shop because of value and Reputed Name.

But if your shop is not have a good market value or don’t have any reputation in market then no one will take interest in your shop ,so just like that you should buy a old domain name if it have good market value .

Old Domain names also help you in SEO rankings but in the same, Google will also check your domain reputation, but in minor cases because Google always looking for Good and fresh contents.

Domain Age + SEO Ranking :

If you are going to buydomain name which is too old or Epired Domain name, it will definitely effect positively in your Google SEO rankings from 1st day because if your domain name is Old then Google will skip basic process of SEO like where this domain is online and which type of content this domain have (actually website have).

Lets understand with example: if you are buying a Domain name which is only 1 year old , I not going to talk about 10-15 years old because you can understand that with this simple math from 1 year exm., so if that domain name is 1 year old and you are going to start your new website with only 1 or 2 static pages.

Your 1 page static website will quickly appear in Google SERP results , you don’t have to wait 30-40 days to rank higher in Google SERP ,because a SEO process can take average 30 to 40 days and maximum 4-5 months. 
So you don’t have to worry about Google rankings or SEO, you will have to just focus on your page’s contents. That’s it

Backlinks + Domain Authority:

This is the another benefit of buying Old Domain names , because these domains have bunches of backlinks and if you have back links on top websites then your domain authority will automatically improve. Higher domain authority means high value of website and high income.

Note down that if your website have high domain authority then Google will trust you more than others, advertisers take interest in your website and many more advantages.

Old Traffic + New Traffic:

When you buy an Old Domain name which is 5-6 years old , you will get high traffic of that Domain . it doesn’t matter which type of website was is running Over the Domain name ,doesn’t matter how Good or Bad that website was you will get pre-built traffic which will very beneficial for your new website and Business. 

If Old domain have bad history with their site contents of products you can make correct and you can build own new market with old and new customers, but if you are going to buy Old Domain name then you should have to take care of these 2 things apart from good or bad history of Domain name :

Check and Don’t Buy Banned Domain By Google :

If you are buying a domain name which is already banned by the Google then your website will not appear on Googlesearch results so don’t buy those domain name which are already banned by Google , you can check before buy these domain name by Domain Checker Tools like:

Don’t Buy Adsense Banned Domain Names:

If you are planning to earn some extra income by your website then don’t buy Domain names which is already banned by Google for Adsense Advertisement , if that Domain is banned for Adsense Advertisement then you will have to look Adsense alternatives like Chithika ads so check Domain Adsense banned report by Adsense checker :

Old Hosting:

Buying old used hosting account is not a smart thing , you have to look and take care of several things before buying like Web space, type of plan (Shared ,Dedicated or VPS etc.) , cost of the plan, security and how much disk space is left in the bucket. So take care of all things .

If you are buying used web hosting then take care about Security, Bandwidth , Available Web Space , Renewal and Maintainance prices.

Know about web hosting provider , their customer support (24X7 with Call, Email and Chat ),server up-time is also important things.

Old Website :

If you are buying full website with old Domain and hosting then take care all the things about market , website’s working features and market value with monthly or yearly maintenance expenses .

Developing a new website will take time, money efforts ,contents and lots of things. If your website is new and website’s domain name is also new, then trying to building lots of traffic take lots of effort and money.

Building a website is another thing but getting traffic is another ,you will have spend lots of Time in SEO, contents writing and building backlinks.

Like domain Old website have their own good or Bad Reputation, it’s just buying a well Running business but you will have to take care of all things.

You know , thousands of used websites are selling and purchasing in market .
Buying a Old website means you will have to take care of things like Programming language, Platform which is used for building website, quality of website and contents ,type of script and security features .

Old Website + Income Generator:

If you are buying a old website which is already generating a income is a good idea, because if you create new website and want to earn money with that means it will take 4-5 moths to generate income and lots of effort but buying a website which is already in the market and generating revenue for you ,is a good idea .


Market Value of Domain and Monthly expanses, security and Storage left/Package of Web hosting is matters . 

In my suggestion if you buying a well reputed or limited used Domain name or popular domain name then you should go for it but try to buy new web hosting plan according to your need and budget .

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