How to Write Relevant And Fresh Contents With Targeted Keywords ?

When I was started blogging, I was very confused where to start and what should I write . I have written so many articles in my blog as beginner basis  like an student who is learning and practicing with different-different topics . When you are going to write a blog or blog post ,the toughest thing I have feel, that is finding a write blog post topic.
How To Write unique And Fresh Contents
How To Write unique And Fresh Contents

I am from IT field from last 8 years but my main job is how to manage my clients, how to educate them about web technology, how to make new clients ?  This looks like a marketing job but not exactly because after developing a website my work is to educate them ,solve their technical problems and so much .

So, how can I do this And what I have learned from them ?

When you meet your clients who have little bit knowledge of web technology, they have lots of new questions in their mind and they never ask from Google because they have other works to do related from their fields that’s why they hired you ,to solve their problems and to educate them also .

How To Find A Blog Topic?

So if you are going to write any new blog post think like as a student, who have little bit or no knowledge of your field or on that particular fields . What he will write in search engines to find his answers ? 

Like my clients always ask me that my “My website is not showing in Google search ? ” and my job is to give them a satisfying answer like use SEO ,SME or to use SEO Profiller , SEMrush tools for website optimization ,rankings . So like this question ,I have got new topic to write .

Write About,What is user searching?

Actually they have questions in their mind and want some solutions , so if you are write a blog post which can help user to solve their problem ,they will defiantly read your blog post.

If you will write for help and for educate them (your visitors) you will get more opportunity comparing to others which are writing to share their knowledge. Try to become problem solver not a lecturer. First 4-5 months ,forget about SEO or rankings ,just write for your readers.

Write something fresh and relevant?

Writing fresh contents means, writing in your style with easy words . write like you are teaching a student which is sitting in front of you. Try to write a story in your words .  

Read books ,other blogs, watch YouTube videos to gain more knowledge. Try to gain much knowledge as you can. Never try to answer of all questions ,focus on your field and answer them according to your field and knowledge . like if somebody ask me “ How to Buy A Domain Name in Cheap Price?” then I will answer him but If somebody will ask me “How to repair a camera ? “ then I will tell him No I don’t know because I am not from that field and I don’t have knowledge of that particular filed .

When you will write an article in your words, not a copy of others and with updated words and reports then your article will look fresh.      

I have always listen that don’t write an article which has already written or don’t write about everyone is blogging. Is this is true guide to tell them to write unique contents for fresher, which is already in confusion to find right topic ,to write a blog post.

There is nothing unique when you are writing a blog post, lets understand with example:  “Where to Buy Web Hosting with Cheap Price? “, is this is a unique query of visitor which is trying to find web hosting in cheap price. No there is nothing unique accepts style of writing, presenting or asking. As a writer and problem solver you can write answer for same problem in your way with your unique style of problem solving.

What is the Actual Meaning Of Fresh Contents?

1. Write Catchy Headline In Your Words.

2. Develop Own Your Style Of Writing.

3. Tell Stories with Facts

4. Write Short and Punchy Sub Headings

5. Try To Write A Blog Post in Minimum 700 Words.

6. Write Your Thoughts, Don’t Copy From Others.
7. Take The Help Of Keyword Research Tools .
New SEO software tool

If you want to learn SEO Or Web Designing, there will be over hundreds of teachers available in your City   to teach you SEO or Web Designing. But only few of them are good and you have to choose only one to learn. Is SEO is unique or teacher is unique, nothing. The only unique thing is teaching style of teacher. He will teach you same things but in his different style.

………………………………………………….. Don’t Be Confused About Fresh And Unique Contents! 
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