Which Is Better SEO marketing Or Ad sense marketing ?

How Visitors Click On Your website  Link Or  Search Results?

Ranked  1# in Google is feeling much better by organic search results . Programmers are working so hard to designs and develop your website.Peoples are in confusions which is the best option SEO or PPC, to ranked high in Google or Bing to get more traffic and more business .In this article I will clear your confusion ,so read this till the end .

Which Is Better SEO marketing  Or Ad sense marketing
Which Is Better SEO marketing  Or Ad sense marketing 

Pay Per Click (PPC) :

When you use PPC for your company ,you can reach your audience when you want  means which time is suitable for you or for your business and where you want means you can define your area for displaying your Adv. Like your city or region or specific countries.

 its depend on your need and on your budget . PPC works on auction based system where you can Bid on your favorite keywords which will suits better for your business and also suits on your budget and your adv.

Display position depend on your budget and will decide on auction based system so when user search in Google or Bing an auction will automatically run and decide where your Adv. Will display.  Pay Per Click works in three types search like Google search results, banner advertisements (images) and keywords linking in an article of any website.

Pay PerClick displays results based on your category, like if you are searching for best Web Host or For Domain or Even For Shopping. If user will type the right keyword not exact but little bit matching keywords in search bar like: festival offers ‘  then goggle will produce these type of results in Top ( PPC and SEO Based Results,Image Shows  In Below)

Results in the top Amazon sales are PPC adv. 

The advantage of PPC is, when user will click on your adv. Then you will pay otherwise not, like above results shows . if you click on Amazon link then Amazon’s bidding amount will deduct . The profit is in PPC most of the time users like to go directly in particular website if it is famous like Amazon Or Flip Cart because users are know them well .  

PPC has capabilities to show your advertisement by Area, time ,Day or days in weak, Devices like mobile or desktop or any particular website . show you can show your adv. in targeting place and for targeting audience .
Show the process of PPC is simple like

1- Choose Right Keyword

2- Create Or Write Your Adv.

3- Decide Your Budget and Set Bids

4- Your Adv. Will Display

5- User Will Search.

6- Will Click On Your Adv. 

(Because PPC results show in the Top of the search results before the organic search results then your chances will be Too high to get major traffic  to your website)

7-You Will Pay To The Search Engine.

 (Automatically Deduct From Your Ad sense-Account ).

8.You Will Get Direct Results.

SEO Marketing:

Search engine optimization is a best way to rank your website high in the Google search, this is free and convenient way getting traffic for your website.  If you have knowledge of programming or web development then you can use SEO for better results . Like You have seen in Image, FlipCart is in the 2nd position on same keyword after the PPC adv.

This is most popular way of getting traffic ,because of its free then you will have to keep patience and work hard on websites contents  . this is little bit slow process and there is no magic tools to get immediate traffic for your website.
SEO results depends on your website’s contents quality, keywords ,headings ,fresh contents and form of contents ,how you arranged contents on your web page.

SEO Works on ‘ON Page /Site Optimization ‘and Off Page Optimization. By using  On-page optimization you will have to focus on Keyword analysis ,Competition Website Analysis, Tag optimization and URL optimization. (I Will Discuss You In My Next Article In Brief )

SEO or PPC ,Which Process Will Provide You Better Value ? And Why You go For SEO Marketing:

SEO is never free ,its a invest of Time and time means money, Top rankings of your website depend on  how much time you will spend on doing SEO and making quality contents.

Quality contents means people are coming to your website because they are trusting you or have trust on you apart from  PPC ,people will come to your website because they know that PPC adv. are advertisement which is using for business propose not for help.

Peoples Trust, This is the one of the biggest advantage in SEO. If you are producing quality contents or advising peoples with honesty then defiantly they will come to your website again and again.

So What is The Better Traffic PPC Or SEO ?

PPC is work so quick and you will get instant results ,you can start with small budget like 100Rs. Or $2 dollar’s per day, you will get instant results . there is so much sources are available to buy PPC adv. like Google,Bing or Social websites. But drawback of your PPC , your account can banned without any warning and anyone can copy your idea or your campaign .

SEO is unpredictable its take some time to produce results with lots of efforts, while doing SEO you can’t say How and when you will get results?, it will take months to produce proper results .

 But By using SEO for your website traffic source you can take relief for months , only thing you will have to do is  continuously works on quality and fresh contents ,unique contents because  SEO will produce you long lasting results but remember that completion is to high in the market .

If you are thinking SEO is free, I can say No its not because its take tons of hours, efforts which will cost in mode of money because you will have to pay for SEO to the professionals. And their is no guarantee when and how your website will appear on top on particular keywords. 

Another shocking things is that your website get ranked in top last night and in the morning you will see there is nothing in the ranking ,your website is not showing in top ,you will wiped out because of the changes of Google algorithm changes or by bad SEO methods.

Conclusion Is ,You can use both but in proper manner to get best results like these two shopping giants are using  Amazon or Flip Cart . So you can start with PPC when you start your business online or offline by website and when you will get results and earn some money then you can focus on SEO ,or you can start both in the same time because SEO will take time then you can rely on PPC until your SEO campaign produce results .
Thanks Mezbaan.

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