What Is SERP And What Does SERP Mean In SEO?

When you ask anything from Google or Bing or any other Search engines, like this query ‘WhatIs SSD Web Hosting? in search page . You will get result of some websites in form of listing , which is answering your query or have some matching keywords about your queries . 

Search Engine Results Page or  SERP
Search Engine Results Page or  SERP

Full Form Of SERP IN SEO

So the results of your queries are called SearchEngine Results (SER) and the page which is showing your query’s answer are called Search Engine Results Page or  SERP and  In SEO ,SERP always matters in terms of search results .
Search engines are working so hard these days because of the competition between search engines and also with top Social Networking websites are two high, Web surfers like you and me are always looking for best results and want the best  ,another thing is searching any query in search engines are totally free so all Burdon is on the Search engines like Google ,Yahoo Or Bing.

Search engines are always trying and almost accomplish this task by giving you the most relevant results of your query, results in miles of seconds ,no matter the results on the top are Paid-Ads or non-paid

They are working so hard, investing so much Money , thousands of hours ,lots of energy to improve their search results because the Ranking of search engines and success is depends on their search results .They always try to present you relevance and best content  in terms of their Search results  . So Keep  Your web pages Contents quality high, Fresh And Updated Contents, with catchy and unique  Headings and search-description is always matters in terms of SERP .

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