How Search Engine Works And The Myth About Instant Search Results ?

This  article is helpful for those person Who just started learning SEO , Doing SEO on Web Page or for New comers in Web Hosting and Designing . After reading this article you can at least make a Web page which will help you to rank your website in Search engines.  Basic implementation in web page will help your site to visible in search engines.

What Is The Search Engine?

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL  Or MSN are a software programmes which are developed and designed to respond you for your specific questions or queries .

Important Note For Before Your Start SEO

Important Note For Before Your Start SEO

Important Note For Before Your Start SEO:

First off All I want to tell you that if you are developing a website for your business or want to write a blog in Word Press or in Blogger (From Google) then make sure that your products or articles are in your website will help people not deceive them.

This is the first condition of Google SEO ranking, If your website contents are fill with quality, contents are useful for users/visitors ,you are writing to help them (your visitors) , not misleading or misguiding them then no-body can stop you even Google can’t stop you to be Ranked high in Google SERP.

My experience says if you are writing for users ,you are selling right and good quality products and making your website for users not for search engines like Google or Bing then no one can stop you to get high ranking in Google or other search engines . Write for Users and your visitors because Google’s Crawlers (Spiders) are always searching (in search query) for quality contents which is helpful for users.

How Search Engine Works And Respond:

There Is a big myth about search results that if you are search in Google or Bing or any search engine, they will crawl ,analyze millions of website in running the world within a second and present you search results exactly what you want. No it’s not a 100% true.

When you do a search, like Where To Get A Unlimited Word Press Hosting With Free Domain ? Or Where To Buy A Mobile Phone In Offer Prize, Google or Any search Engine never search in Real-time or Immediately. Because you know that there is millions of web pages or websites are online and lakhs of website have these keywords, which is you are searching. And Lakhs or Millions are developing in every minute.

So presenting a results in real-time ,after analyzing Running And Fresh Websites in same time is not possible ,it will take forever.

So How They Search And Present Results?

Actually search engines are working continuously checking and analyzing web pages and its contents in advance, like if your website is 5 days old then your website is already scanned by Search Engine and the search engine software already knows that which type of contents you have.

So if you ask From Google ‘Where To Get A Unlimited Word Press Hosting With Free Domain ?’,  Search engine already knows that which website has this answer and they respond as a Search Engine Result Page by ranking on location based and quality based .

As all we know that every web page in your website is connected with hyperlinks from home to about ,to services or contact page etc. So search engines like Google or Bing are continuously and constantly analyzing your website’s every page , so like your website the process is working same in all websites .

Every time this crawling process is done ,the spider record this information in Search-Index Database . Indexing will help search engines to present you best possible like you ask ‘Where To Get Unlimited Word Press Hosting With Free Domain ? , this query have 10-12 words so search engine look for every words you ask in their Index database And they got millions or trillions of web pages in search results .

Crawling means reading your page contents , not all but some important keywords, title tags, hyperlinks or meta tags. This crawling is done by Spider


Result Pages

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

Total No. Of Pages: 15000546321 (Rough Idea)

After this process done ,ranking system is come to play and all major search engines have their ranking systems. After analyzing your query they go back to the ranking system [Algorithm] and find matching titles, Keywords or same query in web pages. And Present the results by their ranking system. 

Quick TIP For You:  The Base Of SEO Is To Link Your Every Web Page To Each Other By Link Building Process In Proper Way And You Can Do This Process By Writing An Article Or About Your Company. So Try to link Your other pages links in related keywords from paragraph which is you are writing like I have done this “How Search Engine Works And Respond” paragraph. You can also link other popular websites to your website ,this will also help you to rank high the Page Or Website  in Search Engines .

I Hope This Article Will Help You....

Thnaks Mezbaan

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