Don’t Forget The Key Role And Impact of the Google/SEO Meta Title Tag, Meta Keywords & Meta Description !

In this session I will tell you about the most basic and important thing about your Website, which is programmer or web developer takes lightly while developing a website or Web Page.  These Website Developers  thinks that these are the common thing and why should focus on them.

Impact of the Google/SEO  Meta Title Tag
Impact of the Google/SEO  Meta Title Tag

They keep their focus on website’s designing structure ,contents , hyperlinks ,budget and project timeline.

If you are Blogger ,Web Developer, Designing Own Website  or Started  learning  a SEO then you have to know that  How Imported Are Meta TAG and Meta Description The Key Role   ?  for your website, You can forget or ignore theme but Search Engines never.

In most cases I have experienced in website development, a developer always ignores the  Title Tag, Meta Tag and Meta Description ,they know the value of Word ‘Meta’ in html but they just ignore it. A better website need better Meta tags and Meta description, you should know that how to use them correctly in your website.

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Because in the crawling process of web pages ,where the crawler search all the hyperlinks, Title Tag  and Unique Contents and Meta Description & Tags of the web page . If your website has unique title and description with high quality contents’, then defiantly your web page will be in top position on SERP .

Importance Of Title Tag In SEO Or Websites : 

Title tag is work like ‘CEO’ of your website because without catchy headlines visitors will not take any interest in your website. If I  talk about the search engines rankings and effects,  Title tags play here very important role because the Spider (Search Engines Web Analysis Software Programmer Or In Short Crawling Process ) inspect your Web page’s Hyperlink ( Navigation Menus) first then Title Tag Of Page then the spider search all matching contents related to Title in that particular page, Hyperlinks   and record them in Search Engines Data Base ,We Call them  SearchIndex, there is no major role of navigation menus in web page but you can’t ignore them  .

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So if the Spider finds your Title Tag matching with visitors query then spider will short list your page to show in search results. If you are new in Web Development Field Or Running a Blog In Word Press then use SEMrush And SEO Profiler  tools Will help you to find better keywords ,Titles for blog post .

 If you are writing any article like I am writing this time about  Meta Tags, Descriptions And Values In SEO or some motivational articles and sharing them in my Facebook  Profile and Page, Google + ,Twitter and LinkedIn Pages  in search engines , then visitors only come to my web page like you if you are interested in this topic and my blog posts Title is Very Clear .

Importance Of Meta Description  In SEO Or Websites : 

Like Title tags, Meta Descriptions tags  are also play very important role in SEO and Search Rankings. Lets’ understand with example, If you write any blog post with Title like Free Domain and Unlimited Web Hosting  your website search results in Google are showing Description like :

Before you even consider doing SEO, it's important to have a ... Is SEO A Good Fit ForMy Business? ... to grow your business you should be growing your online presence on the search engines. ... You can get more traffic to your website by optimizing it in a way that allows .... Notify me about new comments.” (Source - SEMrush SEO TOOL )

Then how any visitor can understand what is this topic all about , and in results he just ignored your website or if you have written nothing in Meta description then Search results will show nothing or pick anything of first paragraph and will show in search results.

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In any manner, you will lose your visitors or clients . Meta descriptions are plays very important and Key role in SEO ,because Crawler will also looking for these description to present best searching results.

Is Meta KeyWord Still Useful Or Not In Web Pages?

Major search engines like Google and Bing are ignoring the Meta Keywords, because SEO ,spammers who wants to ranked their website in Top of SERP they are copying your keyword and there are tons of issues in SEO but if you want to use Meta Keywords in your website then use them in limit like 5-6 words per page and without any comma like if you are writing about Cloud Web Hosting articles or Like BlueHost is the Best WebHosting Company For Your WordPress Blog  then try to use related keywords in flow. 

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