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SEO: Website Traffic And Branding Of Your Products .

SEO: Website Traffic And Branding Of Your Products .
When I was started blogging in for part time and new in blogging ,I was thinking that top placement of 1 or 2 posts  in the Google or Bing can drive more traffic for my blog ,another myth was in my mind that is “More Blog Post-More Traffic “ .
But after following some top Authority bloggers like Jeff Goins , Copy Blogger and Pro blogger ,I realize that website structure and content is the king.
Remember those days when a company was just developing a website with few informational static and dynamic pages was able to gain huge traffic, those days are gone now.

Website Traffic And Visitor:

Getting targeted traffic is not an easy task in today’s more competitive environment, you have to write high quality contents for your website and also. Your business depends on your valuable customers and they are coming to you by offline advertisement sources like banner ads, newspaper ads ,TV ads and by direct marketing .

New SEO software tool

But have you ever imagine that in today’s modern scenario SEO can brings more prospects or valuable customers through your website.  A website can attract and bring more customers who didn’t know about your products and company.  Experienced SEO professional can do this for you, he knows well what are the peoples are searching in Google.
SEO professional or Some basic Knowledge of SEO will help you to know ,Which type of queries and keywords they are typing in search pages ,which type of products, Information’s and services they are searching in search engines.  

Facts Of Searching

The major fact of search results is, that people don’t know what they are actually looking for like if somebody want to buy web hosting for his website then hi/she will type in search “ Cheap web hosting for My Word Press website Or web hosting services .” he will not type any name of web hosting company because the visitor is not sure ,which company‘s web hosting  is best and suitable for his business.                
He is totally depend on search results and research says user will prefer top ranked website first and then hi will look no.2 and 3 in preference apart from Google ad words and  Rest 4 to 10 will come last in users preference .

Branding Of Products:

When user perform searching in Google they didn’t know about your companies value and specialization, how reputed you are and your products are. Sometimes users know about your company and products but they don’t know how to contact or connect with you ,even if they trying to search in Google they couldn’t find anything about you.
These facts tell us ,How important role is SEO playing in branding of products . SEO will increase your online visibility and help to make your brands value better than before.

Website Analysis

The only negative thing about SEO is ,it will take time to produce results and achieving no.1 position in search engines is not possible in 2-3 days. You will have to keep patience while doing SEO for your website . process of SEO will take time ,you have to keep focus on your website’s architecture ,contents and day to day performance analysis . For ranking, optimization or analysis of website you can use SEMRush Or SEO Profiler  and you can use Google Keyword tool for key word research.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

How to Write Relevant And Fresh Contents With Targeted Keywords ?

When I was started blogging, I was very confused where to start and what should I write . I have written so many articles in my blog as beginner basis  like an student who is learning and practicing with different-different topics . When you are going to write a blog or blog post ,the toughest thing I have feel, that is finding a write blog post topic.
How To Write unique And Fresh Contents
How To Write unique And Fresh Contents

I am from IT field from last 8 years but my main job is how to manage my clients, how to educate them about web technology, how to make new clients ?  This looks like a marketing job but not exactly because after developing a website my work is to educate them ,solve their technical problems and so much .

So, how can I do this And what I have learned from them ?

When you meet your clients who have little bit knowledge of web technology, they have lots of new questions in their mind and they never ask from Google because they have other works to do related from their fields that’s why they hired you ,to solve their problems and to educate them also .

How To Find A Blog Topic?

So if you are going to write any new blog post think like as a student, who have little bit or no knowledge of your field or on that particular fields . What he will write in search engines to find his answers ? 

Like my clients always ask me that my “My website is not showing in Google search ? ” and my job is to give them a satisfying answer like use SEO ,SME or to use SEO Profiller , SEMrush tools for website optimization ,rankings . So like this question ,I have got new topic to write .

Write About,What is user searching?

Actually they have questions in their mind and want some solutions , so if you are write a blog post which can help user to solve their problem ,they will defiantly read your blog post.

If you will write for help and for educate them (your visitors) you will get more opportunity comparing to others which are writing to share their knowledge. Try to become problem solver not a lecturer. First 4-5 months ,forget about SEO or rankings ,just write for your readers.

Write something fresh and relevant?

Writing fresh contents means, writing in your style with easy words . write like you are teaching a student which is sitting in front of you. Try to write a story in your words .  

Read books ,other blogs, watch YouTube videos to gain more knowledge. Try to gain much knowledge as you can. Never try to answer of all questions ,focus on your field and answer them according to your field and knowledge . like if somebody ask me “ How to Buy A Domain Name in Cheap Price?” then I will answer him but If somebody will ask me “How to repair a camera ? “ then I will tell him No I don’t know because I am not from that field and I don’t have knowledge of that particular filed .

When you will write an article in your words, not a copy of others and with updated words and reports then your article will look fresh.      

I have always listen that don’t write an article which has already written or don’t write about everyone is blogging. Is this is true guide to tell them to write unique contents for fresher, which is already in confusion to find right topic ,to write a blog post.

There is nothing unique when you are writing a blog post, lets understand with example:  “Where to Buy Web Hosting with Cheap Price? “, is this is a unique query of visitor which is trying to find web hosting in cheap price. No there is nothing unique accepts style of writing, presenting or asking. As a writer and problem solver you can write answer for same problem in your way with your unique style of problem solving.

What is the Actual Meaning Of Fresh Contents?

1. Write Catchy Headline In Your Words.

2. Develop Own Your Style Of Writing.

3. Tell Stories with Facts

4. Write Short and Punchy Sub Headings

5. Try To Write A Blog Post in Minimum 700 Words.

6. Write Your Thoughts, Don’t Copy From Others.
7. Take The Help Of Keyword Research Tools .
New SEO software tool

If you want to learn SEO Or Web Designing, there will be over hundreds of teachers available in your City   to teach you SEO or Web Designing. But only few of them are good and you have to choose only one to learn. Is SEO is unique or teacher is unique, nothing. The only unique thing is teaching style of teacher. He will teach you same things but in his different style.

………………………………………………….. Don’t Be Confused About Fresh And Unique Contents! 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Domain Infographic Review: 101 fascinating facts about Domain Names.

Domain Infographic Review: 101 fascinating facts about Domain Names.
After spending more than 8 years in IT industry, I was thinking that I have gain so much knowledge of Web Hosting and Domain Names , but I was little bit wrong because there is so much left  to learn more in web technology, especially in Domain industry.

Tremendous work done by Raj Vardhman , after watching and reading the whole Infographic  101 fascinating facts about Domain Names
, I have learn lots of new things about domain names which was, I didn’t know .

101 Facts About Domain Names That You Must Know.

101 Facts About Domain Names That You Must Know.
101 Facts You Didn't Know About Domain 
Courtesy of: Webmasters Jury

What is special and new In This Infographic?

If you want to learn and know more about Domain names and the journey of Domain name industry from the beginning to now (1983-2017), you don’t need to read 3000 words articles or hours of searching and reading different-different website or books.


This Infographic  101 fascinating facts about Domain Names can teach you all facts within 10 minutes of time and will guide you What to learn? , Where to Start learning? And most important thing is How To Learn and gain knowledge about Domain Names, their history , the journey of Domain names ,current market of domain names.

Most peoples asked me by Email, Facebook ,Blog Post Comments Or By Quora.com  that ‘CanI Register A Domain Name for Life Time or For 20 years ? ‘And I always say ‘No’ to them, because the actual meaning of life time domain name registration is 20-25 years. And almost 99.999 Domain registrars are providing domain for max 10 years .

But in this Infographic I have learned that Network Solutions LTD (newtorksolutions.com) is the only Domain Registrar in the world which is providing Domain Name registration for 20 to 40 years and you can register a Domain Name for life time.
New SEO software tool

Another fact , I like in this article is Most Expensive Domain Names And Big Brand Small Names which is so interesting to know about that if you want to use FB messenger then just use m.me and you will be logged in FB messenger instantly.

If you are new in IT industry or want to Register a New DomainName then Domain name life cycle section will help you to know more about domain name life ,that is too good for newbies in domain or web hosting industry.

What is missing or Wrong in this Infographic?

Creating a Infographic about Domains and their facts is not easy task, it will take lots of time and days of research . And we can’t aspect to present all facts in one single Infographic.

But in this Infographic Growth Of Domain Registrations section is missing right graphics to show the growth of the Domain Industry, graphics which is used in this is not impressive and user can’t understand ‘What are the icons are and what they are actually want to say ? How these graph icons are showing growth of Domain selling. I am not telling or suggesting to use mathematical charts or common business growth chart but you can use some images or icons which is understandable by the common user or reader.

Conclusion:  Apart from Growth Report section, there is nothing much to say because, 101 fascinating facts about Domain Names  Infographic is too good and well managed, technical or technical user can easily understand what do you want to tell them or teach them.

All in all, its ‘Very Impressive Work ‘done by Raj Vardhman.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Don’t Forget The Key Role And Impact of the Google/SEO Meta Title Tag, Meta Keywords & Meta Description !

In this session I will tell you about the most basic and important thing about your Website, which is programmer or web developer takes lightly while developing a website or Web Page.  These Website Developers  thinks that these are the common thing and why should focus on them.

Impact of the Google/SEO  Meta Title Tag
Impact of the Google/SEO  Meta Title Tag

They keep their focus on website’s designing structure ,contents , hyperlinks ,budget and project timeline.

If you are Blogger ,Web Developer, Designing Own Website  or Started  learning  a SEO then you have to know that  How Imported Are Meta TAG and Meta Description The Key Role   ?  for your website, You can forget or ignore theme but Search Engines never.

In most cases I have experienced in website development, a developer always ignores the  Title Tag, Meta Tag and Meta Description ,they know the value of Word ‘Meta’ in html but they just ignore it. A better website need better Meta tags and Meta description, you should know that how to use them correctly in your website.

Web Hosting

Because in the crawling process of web pages ,where the crawler search all the hyperlinks, Title Tag  and Unique Contents and Meta Description & Tags of the web page . If your website has unique title and description with high quality contents’, then defiantly your web page will be in top position on SERP .

Importance Of Title Tag In SEO Or Websites : 

Title tag is work like ‘CEO’ of your website because without catchy headlines visitors will not take any interest in your website. If I  talk about the search engines rankings and effects,  Title tags play here very important role because the Spider (Search Engines Web Analysis Software Programmer Or In Short Crawling Process ) inspect your Web page’s Hyperlink ( Navigation Menus) first then Title Tag Of Page then the spider search all matching contents related to Title in that particular page, Hyperlinks   and record them in Search Engines Data Base ,We Call them  SearchIndex, there is no major role of navigation menus in web page but you can’t ignore them  .

How Search Engine Works And The Myth About Instant Search Results ?

So if the Spider finds your Title Tag matching with visitors query then spider will short list your page to show in search results. If you are new in Web Development Field Or Running a Blog In Word Press then use SEMrush And SEO Profiler  tools Will help you to find better keywords ,Titles for blog post .

 If you are writing any article like I am writing this time about  Meta Tags, Descriptions And Values In SEO or some motivational articles and sharing them in my Facebook  Profile and Page, Google + ,Twitter and LinkedIn Pages  in search engines , then visitors only come to my web page like you if you are interested in this topic and my blog posts Title is Very Clear .

Importance Of Meta Description  In SEO Or Websites : 

Like Title tags, Meta Descriptions tags  are also play very important role in SEO and Search Rankings. Lets’ understand with example, If you write any blog post with Title like Free Domain and Unlimited Web Hosting  your website search results in Google are showing Description like :

Before you even consider doing SEO, it's important to have a ... Is SEO A Good Fit ForMy Business? ... to grow your business you should be growing your online presence on the search engines. ... You can get more traffic to your website by optimizing it in a way that allows .... Notify me about new comments.” (Source - SEMrush SEO TOOL )

Then how any visitor can understand what is this topic all about , and in results he just ignored your website or if you have written nothing in Meta description then Search results will show nothing or pick anything of first paragraph and will show in search results.

Which Is Better SEO Marketing Or Ad Sense Marketing ?

In any manner, you will lose your visitors or clients . Meta descriptions are plays very important and Key role in SEO ,because Crawler will also looking for these description to present best searching results.

Is Meta KeyWord Still Useful Or Not In Web Pages?

Major search engines like Google and Bing are ignoring the Meta Keywords, because SEO ,spammers who wants to ranked their website in Top of SERP they are copying your keyword and there are tons of issues in SEO but if you want to use Meta Keywords in your website then use them in limit like 5-6 words per page and without any comma like if you are writing about Cloud Web Hosting articles or Like BlueHost is the Best WebHosting Company For Your WordPress Blog  then try to use related keywords in flow. 

16 Crucial SEO Steps to Take When Migrating your Website.... 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Become Some-Body From No-Body ,Your Life,Your Opinion And Your Dreams ..............

Stop Living On Other’s Dreams, Stop Working For Other’s Dreams

Start working on your dreams Today......

Why Are You Living As Other Guy Life....

No One Is Important In Your Life Before You........

Make Your Self Important First ...........

Treat Your Self Important First .......

Start  Love ,From Your Self First .......

Why!!!!!!! Are Living On Other Dream-House

What Is Stopping You To Live And Work On Your Dream

  Live In Your Decisions   From Today...From Now

Live In Your Decisions 

From Today...From Now

........................... Stop This.....Stop Right Now.....

Your Dream -----Your Life

Live Them Together ...... Make Your Dream Your Life.....

Stop Listening Other Guys Opinion......

Never Allow Those Guys In Your Life , Who Gave Up Their Dreams ........

Don’t Listen Them Who Discourage You.....Whether It Is Your Enemies, Friends , Lover Or Your Family ........

Go Far Away From Them.......Don’t Listen Those Guys Who discourage You.....

You Have Ability To Become Something From Nothing .............

You Have ......You Have To .....!!!!!!!!!!!..... Believe Your Self ........  From Today ....From Now
Start Now ............

   “Become Some-Body From No-Body.”


I Say You Are Not A Zero Who Have No Value  ......I Say  You Are the 
Zero Who Can Change The Value ....................... 
Start Believe On Your Self

You Are Strong Enough To Handle The Consequences If It Doesn’t Work Out....... Live Your Dream

Make Your Dream Your Life..... Don’t look Back ...... Don’t Take Opinions ........  Live In Your Decisions

............... For My Reader....Nothing To Something.....

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How Search Engine Works And The Myth About Instant Search Results ?

This  article is helpful for those person Who just started learning SEO , Doing SEO on Web Page or for New comers in Web Hosting and Designing . After reading this article you can at least make a Web page which will help you to rank your website in Search engines.  Basic implementation in web page will help your site to visible in search engines.

What Is The Search Engine?

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL  Or MSN are a software programmes which are developed and designed to respond you for your specific questions or queries .

Important Note For Before Your Start SEO

Important Note For Before Your Start SEO

Important Note For Before Your Start SEO:

First off All I want to tell you that if you are developing a website for your business or want to write a blog in Word Press or in Blogger (From Google) then make sure that your products or articles are in your website will help people not deceive them.

This is the first condition of Google SEO ranking, If your website contents are fill with quality, contents are useful for users/visitors ,you are writing to help them (your visitors) , not misleading or misguiding them then no-body can stop you even Google can’t stop you to be Ranked high in Google SERP.

My experience says if you are writing for users ,you are selling right and good quality products and making your website for users not for search engines like Google or Bing then no one can stop you to get high ranking in Google or other search engines . Write for Users and your visitors because Google’s Crawlers (Spiders) are always searching (in search query) for quality contents which is helpful for users.

How Search Engine Works And Respond:

There Is a big myth about search results that if you are search in Google or Bing or any search engine, they will crawl ,analyze millions of website in running the world within a second and present you search results exactly what you want. No it’s not a 100% true.

When you do a search, like Where To Get A Unlimited Word Press Hosting With Free Domain ? Or Where To Buy A Mobile Phone In Offer Prize, Google or Any search Engine never search in Real-time or Immediately. Because you know that there is millions of web pages or websites are online and lakhs of website have these keywords, which is you are searching. And Lakhs or Millions are developing in every minute.

So presenting a results in real-time ,after analyzing Running And Fresh Websites in same time is not possible ,it will take forever.

So How They Search And Present Results?

Actually search engines are working continuously checking and analyzing web pages and its contents in advance, like if your website is 5 days old then your website is already scanned by Search Engine and the search engine software already knows that which type of contents you have.

So if you ask From Google ‘Where To Get A Unlimited Word Press Hosting With Free Domain ?’,  Search engine already knows that which website has this answer and they respond as a Search Engine Result Page by ranking on location based and quality based .

As all we know that every web page in your website is connected with hyperlinks from home to about ,to services or contact page etc. So search engines like Google or Bing are continuously and constantly analyzing your website’s every page , so like your website the process is working same in all websites .

Every time this crawling process is done ,the spider record this information in Search-Index Database . Indexing will help search engines to present you best possible like you ask ‘Where To Get Unlimited Word Press Hosting With Free Domain ? , this query have 10-12 words so search engine look for every words you ask in their Index database And they got millions or trillions of web pages in search results .

Crawling means reading your page contents , not all but some important keywords, title tags, hyperlinks or meta tags. This crawling is done by Spider


Result Pages

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

2000546321 Pages (Rough Idea)

Total No. Of Pages: 15000546321 (Rough Idea)

After this process done ,ranking system is come to play and all major search engines have their ranking systems. After analyzing your query they go back to the ranking system [Algorithm] and find matching titles, Keywords or same query in web pages. And Present the results by their ranking system. 

Quick TIP For You:  The Base Of SEO Is To Link Your Every Web Page To Each Other By Link Building Process In Proper Way And You Can Do This Process By Writing An Article Or About Your Company. So Try to link Your other pages links in related keywords from paragraph which is you are writing like I have done this “How Search Engine Works And Respond” paragraph. You can also link other popular websites to your website ,this will also help you to rank high the Page Or Website  in Search Engines .

I Hope This Article Will Help You....

Thnaks Mezbaan

Face And Fight With Your Fear..... Two Words For My Blog Visitors Reader....

You, I ,Me,We.......These all meanings have one thing in same,that is My Self Or You ,the reader...

We are all want to live like a lion life , without any fear and Without any limits .
But over 90% peoples including me also,living with fear . Fear from fail in work ,failure in exam ,fail in love, fail in Achieving Goals of Your life .

Face And Fight With Your Fear..... Two Words For My Blog Visitors Reader....
Face And Fight With Your Fear.....

Think above the fear ,Who you are ? ,Why are you feeling fear ? ,Why you are not living fearless life ? . Why are you making yourself a machine of Fear ?, you have to stop it in one day, Why one day, stop  Today,Why today stop now .

No one can stop you ,you and your mind have thousands of ideas to work, hundreds of targets are still waiting to achieve, they all are waiting for you.  

"Live a Life Like Flowing River, No One Can Stop Flowing River And You  .... Face Your Fear Like Lion ,No One Can Stop Lion And You ."

Once You Become Fearless Life Becomes Limitless Feed Yourself With  Confident,Success Dream It Wish It And  Do-It Without  Any Fear !
Once You Become Fearless Life Becomes Limitless (src..imgrum)

Face Your Most Difficult Things Which Makes You Less-Confident ,Feed Your Self With Confident And Success

What Is the Meaning Of  FEAR In Your Life Or What You Will Choose In These Two Options ,Choice Is Your

                  " FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN ."


                   "FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE ."

...........The Topic Is Endless....Like Fear ,But You Have To Control On It. 
                                                                                           Thanks Mezbaan