Top 5 Motivational YouTube Channels ,You Should Subscribe And Follow To Become Successful Entrepreneur ?

Is You Are College Student Or You Are Job Seeker /Sales Person Or You are Businessman or Entrepreneur?

Top 5 Motivational YouTube Channels ,You Should Subscribe And Follow To Become Successful Entrepreneur , ?
Top 5 Motivational YouTube Channels ,You Should Subscribe And Follow To Become Successful Entrepreneur , ?

Whatever you are , is you are happy with your present life ? Is you are happy with your sales performance or Business growth?
If your answer is yes then you should watch these at least 3 days a week for new ideas and for keep your self motivated or if you are answer is no then you must have to subscribe these channels because you need them.

You know we have internet with 4g or 5G speed and we are spending most time in social networking ,photo sharing and shopping ,watching funny videos or movies to keep your mind fresh .

But can you tell me if you have tension in your mind for about your health, business or study then spending your time in social networking without any big purpose is such a waste of time.

If you want to become successful person and want to achieve some big and un-achievable target then you will need some expert guidance buy experts who have lots experience in same field and they already faced these types of problems in the past Then These Top-5 Motivation YouTube Channels Will Help You.

I think after listening Denzel Washington ,Elon Musk (self made millionaire ) ,The Rock (super star and Fitness Icon ).

If you are hungry then need some food , if you are thirsty then you need some water but if your mind is hungry and blocked by thousands of tensions then you will definitely need Motivational doze.

So I am not wasting your time , if you want to achieve something Big in your life and trying to do something different in your life , if you are risk taker or if you are in big-deep down in depression then you should watch these videos .

Top 5 Motivational You Tube Channels :

Hard Work Beats Talent - ANYONE Can Win! (Motivational Video)

Website :

2-The Mulligan Brothers:


Website :


YouTube Channel :Motivation2Study....Click To Watch

FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS - Motivational Video on Never Giving Up

4- Be Inspired 

YouTube Channel : Be Inspired ....Click To Watch



YouTube Channel: MotivationGrid...Click To Watch

When You Are About To Give Up.....

I hope These Suggestions Will Help You.....

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I am a student of life learning class like you are, we all have issues like breakup, financially  problems , illness ,weakness ,depressions ,marriage life problems or business related problems.

But you will have to face these problems and try to win in any conditions .... Good Luck My friends .

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How to Design a SEO Friendly Professional & Persuasive Website with Responsive Look in 2018.

Hey there,

I am here again with my new article which is short but solid, here in this article I am going to tell you, How to design a SEO friendly website in with professional & persuasive look with responsive and mobile friendly design which will help you to make your new or old website visible in search engines like Google or Bing.

How To Design SEO Friendly responsive website in 2018

How To Design SEO Friendly Website

Give yourself 5 minutes to read this short article with top 15 important SEO factors which will help you to rank your website. I am not telling to you or to anyone that your website will be No.1 in within 24 hours but after following these 15 SEO steps while designing and developing a website, Wordpress Blog or E-commerce portal in 2018.

So here are the Top 15 SEO Tips and Tricks for Designing Professional Website Which will Rank High in Google Search Engines in 2018.

But before you read this article I want to tell you one thing that design a every Web page by following SEO rules ,because your single and good quality web page is able to rank your website high in Search engines ,so focus on every page you are going to design .

1-CSS Navigation Menu:

First things come first and in your website’s first things are Navigation menus which is help visitors to jump another page, but we forget that our navigation menus are very important part of our website because when Google perform crawling and indexing process in your website, spider will also crawl your website navigation menus.

New SEO software tool

so when you will use CSS in navigation menus then the Navigation menus text will also crawl-able and index-able by search engines Robots like.

2-Note Use Frames:

We generally use frames in our website to show other websites, videos etc but the fact is ,most of the search engines just choose not to crawl them because they already know that if Frame tag is used in website that means the contents showing in are from out of the website .

Even sometimes we need frames in our website to show own web pages but search engines doesn’t care about them.

So avoid frames in your website ,Ya you can embed videos or photographs from other website but don’t expect them to they will help your website in search engine rankings.

3-Always Use Alt Tags in Images :

Use original images in website ,don’t use Stock photos . You have a camera in your pocket then why don’t you use it . if you are going to use any type of image in your website then must declare alt tag because search engines  are not able to read what is this image all about but you  can use alt tag in your images to tell search engines what this image is all about.

4-Keyword Optimization :

Keyword optimization is important ,use unique keywords in your website which will help your website in ranking because common keyword doesn’t help you in SERP. Use at least 2-3 unique keyword in your website page and phrases also and optimize them.

What Is SERP And What Does SERP Mean In SEO?

5-H1 Tag And Page Title :

Most important part of the website is Heading , your web pages heading shows that what is this page all about and your heading tag is help search engines to find your page , if your web page’s heading is matched with users queries then search engines will show your web page in SERP.

So always use H1 tag in heading and try to repeat some words from heading in your articles. Repeating a heading words at least 2 times in your article is necessary because when search engine’s Robots crawl the page they always try to find related word or same words which will match with your  heading . if they find some matched words in paragraphs then they find that this page is valuable for visitors.

This is the most important tag in your website for making SEO friendly website which will help to rank your website in Worlds Top search engines .

Don’t Forget The Key Role And Impact Of The Google/SEO Meta Title Tag, Meta Keywords & Meta Description !

6-Unique and informative contents:

Do you know, why are you reading this article? Because you want some information about SEO , want to design SEO friendly Responsive website ,you have a query in your mind and you just want to solve it that’s why you are here in my website and reading this article .

It doesn’t matter whether you will like this article or not but if you are reading point no.6 then I can guess that you got what you want.

Writing an informative contents which will suits and match with search engines ranking guidelines takes hours of reading, learning and research.


But if you are want some good results then don’t waste your knowledge in average contents which is repeating and repeating time to time, write something unique . visitors wants some unique and new things , no matter how you will present but you will have to write some unique or fresh .

Unique means like you are using a windows operating system or an Samsung mobile phone and thousands are using but what happen when Microsoft or Samsung stop updating the device or operating system.

Sales will be down, so mobiles or operating systems are same but there features are unique and updated. So writing a unique content doesn’t mean to write about a topic which is never written, this is impossible thing, it means answer the questions in your style with updated knowledge and add some new things.

7-SEO Friendly URL:

You  might be confused ,is you are thinking about your domain name ? no I am not talking about your domain name because you can’t buy a domain name for every new article or suits for your article. Ya you can buy a domain name which is user can remember easily and matched with your business name but in this article I am not talking about Keyword Domain names .

I am talking about website URL which will help peoples to find your website particular page and help them to remember the page URL like if you will use these type of url then people will not remember  “ is too long and not easy to remember but  “ can remember this URL easily.

So write a web page name in short as possible and in simple words which will help peoples to remember . Ya my web page’s URL  is too long but this is the drawback of using Blogger as blogging platform.

8-Clearly Visible Contents :

Writing a clear and visible contents means when you write any article or blog post then use simple fonts like veranda or whatever you like , don’t use italic text unless it is needed .

Use light background like white or light grey ,don’t try to use darken images or textured background images to decorate your web page.

Use font size between 14 to 16 which will help people to read your article easily without taking any extra effort.  Always try make design a web page which is User friendly and if user like your web page then obviously your web pages ranking will definitely grow

9-Simple Inquiry Form:

Use simple inquiry form where user can fill their queries and can ask or tell you their problems. don’t decorate the inquiry form too much , use this simple query form in right or left size in your website so visitors can send their queries or feedback from any page .

10-Use Internal links:

Internal links are the hyperlinks that points to another pages in same website, internal links are very useful when writing an article you will have to keep in mind that some time we use some tough words or talk about some tough topics which is related to the same topic but reader don’t know about it.

So if you think that this particular word have some unique or different thing where possibilities that reader don’t know about it and you already written about it then create a hyperlink on particular word and redirect to that page .

This will help your visitors to keep stay in your website for long time and your website rankings will increase .

11-Anchor Text:

Anchor text  is a highlighted text like : you can use tools SEMRUSH or SEO PROFILER  for your SEO .  SEMRUSH or SEO PROFILER  are anchor text in this article ,they are bold  and colours are blue because of hyperlink ,linking a webpage to other website by using a Anchor text is a good idea ,where user can click on link and will redirect  to other website or web page.

12- Content Length:

Paragraph length is important, user can read a paragraph which is written in 70 to 80 words in flow , reader don’t like a article with long paragraph.

If your article is long then divide paragraph in mini paragraph which will be good for readers otherwise they will panic after watching your long paragraph and they will left your web page without spending a seconds.

And bro if this will happen again and again then your web page will be disappearing from SERP.

13- Arrange Products in Line :

If you running a online business or want to show your products in your website for sell or promotion then don’t ignore the impact of product focus.

If your products are not well arranged in your website then visitors will loose their focus and can’t decide what they want .

Try to arrange 3-4 products in every page or if you want to show many products in your website then divide in categories.

14- Focus on Trending Topics With Targeted Keywords  :

While writing a blog post , you have to keep in mind one thing , that is what’s on trend what’s new and find some hot topics which will help your website to boost .

I am not talking about to change your niche and don’t ever try to stray from your niche but find some relevant trending and hot topics matched with your niche.

Writing on Trending topics will always works .

How To Write Relevant And Fresh Contents With Targeted Keywords ?

15- Images And Files For High Speed :

Search engines prefer website which will load faster and user also like website which can load faster because nobody wants to wait and they never prefer a website which is taking a long time in loading in web browsers.

Ya they can wait for hours for web portals like government own websites because they need them but not you.

An Image can say thousand of words without writing a word in web page but the drawback of the images are, they are to heavy comparison to fonts, takes lots of web disk and load slowly in web browsers.

Compressing a image means you are not playing with quality of images, you are just minimizing a size of images in bytes without affecting its quality, a small loss in quality is usually noticeable.

The quality of well designed SEO friendly  website is can Load Faster than the other website, lots of tools are available online like , or JPEG optimizer etc , you can use them to compress your website images ,they can reduce their size up to 50% without any loss of Image qualities .

I think this article will help you to develop your SEO friendly responsive website .
Thanks mezbaan ......

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Should You Buy Old Hosting Or Website ,Advantages and Disadvantages of Old Web Hosting ,Website and Domain names ?

Planning to start new website with old website which is already online from months or year is a good idea. Old domain names and website can affect more than newly developed website in SEO rankings.

Old Domain/Hosting/Website 

If you are starting new business or buying old business, used website will definitely help you to grow your business quickly. So here are the quick tips which will defiantly help you to buy Old Web Hosting, Old Website ,Old Domain/Expired Domain name .


Old Domain/Expired Domain :

I will choose older one but if that domain is well reputed , you know just think if you are shopkeeper with good market value and want to sell your shop ,then how much day it will take to sell ….. I think Immediate or within a week because your shop’s value is high and actually people buying your shop because of value and Reputed Name.

But if your shop is not have a good market value or don’t have any reputation in market then no one will take interest in your shop ,so just like that you should buy a old domain name if it have good market value .

Old Domain names also help you in SEO rankings but in the same, Google will also check your domain reputation, but in minor cases because Google always looking for Good and fresh contents.

Domain Age + SEO Ranking :

If you are going to buydomain name which is too old or Epired Domain name, it will definitely effect positively in your Google SEO rankings from 1st day because if your domain name is Old then Google will skip basic process of SEO like where this domain is online and which type of content this domain have (actually website have).

Lets understand with example: if you are buying a Domain name which is only 1 year old , I not going to talk about 10-15 years old because you can understand that with this simple math from 1 year exm., so if that domain name is 1 year old and you are going to start your new website with only 1 or 2 static pages.

Your 1 page static website will quickly appear in Google SERP results , you don’t have to wait 30-40 days to rank higher in Google SERP ,because a SEO process can take average 30 to 40 days and maximum 4-5 months. 
So you don’t have to worry about Google rankings or SEO, you will have to just focus on your page’s contents. That’s it

Backlinks + Domain Authority:

This is the another benefit of buying Old Domain names , because these domains have bunches of backlinks and if you have back links on top websites then your domain authority will automatically improve. Higher domain authority means high value of website and high income.

Note down that if your website have high domain authority then Google will trust you more than others, advertisers take interest in your website and many more advantages.

Old Traffic + New Traffic:

When you buy an Old Domain name which is 5-6 years old , you will get high traffic of that Domain . it doesn’t matter which type of website was is running Over the Domain name ,doesn’t matter how Good or Bad that website was you will get pre-built traffic which will very beneficial for your new website and Business. 

If Old domain have bad history with their site contents of products you can make correct and you can build own new market with old and new customers, but if you are going to buy Old Domain name then you should have to take care of these 2 things apart from good or bad history of Domain name :

Check and Don’t Buy Banned Domain By Google :

If you are buying a domain name which is already banned by the Google then your website will not appear on Googlesearch results so don’t buy those domain name which are already banned by Google , you can check before buy these domain name by Domain Checker Tools like:

Don’t Buy Adsense Banned Domain Names:

If you are planning to earn some extra income by your website then don’t buy Domain names which is already banned by Google for Adsense Advertisement , if that Domain is banned for Adsense Advertisement then you will have to look Adsense alternatives like Chithika ads so check Domain Adsense banned report by Adsense checker :

Old Hosting:

Buying old used hosting account is not a smart thing , you have to look and take care of several things before buying like Web space, type of plan (Shared ,Dedicated or VPS etc.) , cost of the plan, security and how much disk space is left in the bucket. So take care of all things .

If you are buying used web hosting then take care about Security, Bandwidth , Available Web Space , Renewal and Maintainance prices.

Know about web hosting provider , their customer support (24X7 with Call, Email and Chat ),server up-time is also important things.

Old Website :

If you are buying full website with old Domain and hosting then take care all the things about market , website’s working features and market value with monthly or yearly maintenance expenses .

Developing a new website will take time, money efforts ,contents and lots of things. If your website is new and website’s domain name is also new, then trying to building lots of traffic take lots of effort and money.

Building a website is another thing but getting traffic is another ,you will have spend lots of Time in SEO, contents writing and building backlinks.

Like domain Old website have their own good or Bad Reputation, it’s just buying a well Running business but you will have to take care of all things.

You know , thousands of used websites are selling and purchasing in market .
Buying a Old website means you will have to take care of things like Programming language, Platform which is used for building website, quality of website and contents ,type of script and security features .

Old Website + Income Generator:

If you are buying a old website which is already generating a income is a good idea, because if you create new website and want to earn money with that means it will take 4-5 moths to generate income and lots of effort but buying a website which is already in the market and generating revenue for you ,is a good idea .


Market Value of Domain and Monthly expanses, security and Storage left/Package of Web hosting is matters . 

In my suggestion if you buying a well reputed or limited used Domain name or popular domain name then you should go for it but try to buy new web hosting plan according to your need and budget .

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How To Add Custom Domain Name To ECWID Store or A and CNAME Records to GoDaddy ?

Starting a online store for your business is good idea to reach your customers directly. Now a days peoples are become lazy and want everything in their hand like me or you.

ECWID Shopping Portal

And what happen if you say to your customers that your store is online and you can shop anytime from anywhere and we will send your goods to your door.
Because everybody have a mobile/smart phone with high speed internet connection ,so he/she can easily shop from your website . 

so if you want to start your own E-commerce store and want to sell products online then you can use ECWID shopping CMS portal ,easy way to sell online ,it will take only 5 minutes to sign up and you can start selling , even by Facebook also .


If you want to use your custom domain name to ECWID eCommerce shopping portal just follow these steps ,there is nothing tough to add your own Domain into ECWID

Adding Domain To ECWID :

Step 1: Go To ECWID control panel

Step 2: Settings > General > Starter Site (Scroll Down Your Page) .

Step 3 : Click on Change Your Starter Site URL

Step 4 : Enter Your Domain name in “ Use Your Domain Name “ Se

Step 5: http : //

Step 6: Click Save.

ECWID Shopping Portal
Source : ECWID 

Adding A And CNAME Records To GoDaddy :

Step 1 : Login To Your Account

Step 2: Click On Your Domain Name.

Step 3: Click On DNS Management Page:

Step 4: Scroll Down To Bottom and Click Add Button

Step 5: Select CNAME Records.

Step 6: Add WWW To HOST and ADD “@” Points To Box ,Click Save.

Step 7 : Click on ADD Button Again and Select ‘A’ Records .

Step 7: Add ‘@’ To Host and Add “IP Address like or whatever it is showing in your panel and Click Save.

Step 8: Wait for 1 hour at-least to see your website live on your Domain name. (Max 24 hours ).

Adding A and CNAME Records To Godaddy

Sell 10 products for Free and You can Add Your Own Domain Name Also ,Sell Products on Facebook, Integrate With WordPress,Click Here To Start Your Own E-CommerceWebsite 

Thanks Mezbaan

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What are The Cache And Super Cacher In Web Hosting & How To Use Them To Increase Website Speed ?

Cache And Super Cache Files
Super Cacher... Src- Site Ground

Cache Files : 

Cache files are folder created in local computer to store browsing data for some period of time by Web browser to retrieve web pages faster to produce results faster or Cached data is information which comes from a website or an app that is stored on your computer, smart phone and tablet.

Cache files are a collection of web pages, text, images, and audio, video and cache data helps in improving the user experience. With the help of cached data, your web browser opens web page quickly on your next visit to the particular web page. 

Web Hosting

Cache files are created to store commonly used information so it doesn’t have to be generated or downloaded again.

Actually these are reserve of memory available in computer to improve your Web surfing experience fast.  Cache files are stored in limited time of period ,they helps you in fast web browsing but sometimes these files can make your internet speed very slow or may be caused you as a security issue .

So time to time or may be 2-3 times in day you can delete browser history or cache files.

Super Cache :  

if your website getting high traffic , then it will slow down or will use high bandwidth to maintain their speed and loading time.

If your website getting thousands of hits then it is tough to maintain high speed but if you use Super Cacher which is Built buy Site Ground Hosting (All Shared Hosting Plans Come With SSD Drives and Cloud fare CDN to perform well in other countries) services ,this is a premium service so you have to pay some dollar to use Super Cacher but your website speed will never slow down .
And in All online business Speed Matters First then the other things .

You can use super cacher to accelerate your website speed whether it is Static ,Dynamic (With Audio/Video Contents )  and Database Queries .

If you have Site Ground web hosting account then you can see the Super Cacher Icon in Site Improvement Tools Section and after clicking on this icon you will redirect you to details page where you will learn and know about Super cacher and How it works in 4 levels like

Thanks Mezbaan....